How to generate an API token

In this how-to guide, you'll learn how to generate a API token so that you can interact with the service programmatically through the JavaScript client library or using the command line.

You'll need a free account in order to generate an API token. If you already have an account, read on. If not, have a look at the quickstart guide to get up and running in just a few minutes.

Create a new token

  1. From the navigation menu, open the Account menu by hovering over the Account menu item.
Screenshot of the Account menu, with 'Create API Token' highlighted

On a mobile device, open the menu by tapping the icon in the top-right corner, then tap on Account to expand the Account menu.

Screenshot of the Account menu on a mobile device
  1. In the Account menu, click Create an API token. (If you've never created an API token on before, you'll also see an invitation to do this from the Getting started section of your account page.)
Screenshot of a account page
  1. Give your new API token a descriptive name that will be easy for you to remember later.
Screenshot of a page for naming a new API token

You don't have to use the same API token for all of your projects! Creating an individual API token for each of your applications or services makes it easier to change or revoke access in the future to a specific project. You can have as many tokens as you need on for free.

  1. Click Create. You'll then be taken to your API Tokens page, where you can manage all of your API tokens.
Screenshot of a page showing a user's API tokens
  1. Make a note of the Token field somewhere secure where you know you won't lose it. You can click Copy to copy your new API token to your clipboard.
Keep your API token private

Do not share your API token with anyone else. This key is specific to your account.

Delete a token

If you no longer need a particular API token — for example, you've sunsetted a project using a particular token — you may wish to delete it for security reasons. To do so, simply visit your API Tokens page and click Delete to remove it.

Deleting a token is permanent

Remember that if you delete an API token, it's removed permanently and cannot be restored. Delete a token only if you're sure you won't need it again.

Next steps

Now that you have an API token, you can store and retrieve data from your apps and services, as well as from the command line. If you haven't yet explored in depth how to store data using, check out the storage how-to guide for a deep dive on how to upload files using the JavaScript client library.

To learn in greater detail how to fetch your data using the client, or directly from IPFS using a gateway or the IPFS command line, see the how-to guide on retrieval.

You can also use the JavaScript client library to get more information about the status of your data. See the query how-to guide to learn how to get more details about your data, including the status of any Filecoin storage deals.

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